Recommendation on phone for grandparents?

    So grandparents, basically never use there phone, they have a 9.99£ one for emergencys, however they asked me to look for a good phone for one reason, they want one with a camera, as sometimes they don't have there massive camera with them but want something to take pictures with, Second hand is phone on ebay ect, probs no more then 150£, there not good with technology atall so something easy to use and with good camera


    Have a look at the doro phones my wife has just bought her 88 year old mum one and she seems to get on alright with it

    You can adapt almost any android phone to be brilliant for seniors. Search online for Wiser launcher.... (There are others similar) and combine with something like Big Button Keyboard if needed. Creates a simple to use phone without the need to pay over the odds for an under specced handset like a Doro, especially if the camera is important.

    I have done this for my folks with both an Idol 3 and a Moto G 3rd gen with great results.

    There is loads about this online though and is easy to do. You may just have to set them up with a Gmail account first to get Android working properly if they are tech adverse... Google is your friend...

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    Thanks so much for mentioning Wiser Launcher. I've given my 74 year old mum my old HTC M8 and notifications worry her. This looks perfect for her.

    wiser etc are really good so I do recommend, did it for my mum.

    however if the only reason they want something new is for the camera.....perhaps a decent compact rather than a phone?

    for £150 youre looking like a p9 lite or a Moto g which have decent enough cameras, but wouldn't beat a compact.

    just a thought, having all in one device is great, but it may not necessarily be the best choice.


    Bush Spira E3X Stunning

    buy them REDMI 4A.....good and cheap.

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    Thanks guys wiser launcher looks good however why is there no battery percentage? on home screen seems like that will be a ball ache
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