Posted 6th Jan 2023 (Posted 19 h, 22 m ago)
Xiaomi Mi 9T has done me well for 3 1/2 years but battery now fading. Looking to get something midrange to upper midrange now. Priorities: battery life and camera performance. Dual sim support required (ok if one is an eSIM). Android unless there is an extraordinary iPhone deal. Thanks in advance for any deals you can recommend.
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    I've just upgraded from a Pixel4a to a Nothing Phone (1) and have to say I'm impressed. It flies - feels flasgship speeds after using the 4a, nice screen, camera easily trades blows with the Pixel and easily beats any Xiaomi I've owned. Battery also been better than I epected... Looking at 7+ hrs SoT over 2 days and I've not had it long so hoping it gets even better with the adaptive battery update.
    Glad to read your comment. Nothing Phone (1) is slagged by some for no good reason. Enjoy.
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    Pixel 6a

    I went from the 9T to a pixel 5 and am happy
    How's the battery life?
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    Pixel 6 is only £300 which make pixel 6a not worth the price tag.

    Refurb sony Xperira 1 IV…416
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    stay away from 6a, signal and battery life is poor. Pixels don't have duel/clone app option out of box - unlike OnePlus or Xiaomi phones ....

    even the camera is average, shocking in low light... I been using my 6a just over a month already thinking of replacing it..
    I would avoid the entire 6 range tbh
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