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Posted 29th Sep
My Mum and Dad retired to Ireland around 5 years ago, and sadly my mum passed within a little over a year after the move.

My Dad lives alone semi remotely and i worry about him 24/7.

He is active and fit, but if he falls, slips, has a heart attack/ stroke when he is at home (ALONE).......all he has two dogs and three cats for help. None of the animals are any good on phones etc.... so i am looking for an "emergency" help solution??

He had an android app that send an emergency text...(but he disabled it after it sent random texts of help when not needed).

What would you recommend as the best non-intrusive app/gadget that could reach out for HELP if needed?
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ScubaDudes29/09/2019 20:53

Below might be a starting …Below might be a starting point

100% the thing/idea i am looking for. Not sure of whats available in the market place or experiences users have had with what availble
Apple watch?
Thanks for all the responses.

Will look into the apple watch and see if the services work in Ireland
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