Recommendations for a 32 inch TV for my Mum please?

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Found 1st Dec 2016
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please I am looking for a 32" TV for my Mum. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, (no internet access available) but with a decent enough picture and not too slow at turning on and changing channels etc.
My knowledge of TV's comes from the Argos buying guide! So any info on good deals would be much appreciated please. Are there any budget brands to avoid?
Thanks all

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Hi. This sharp deal is very good at the moment. It's a decent price for a 32" led from an okay brand with built in Freeview and decent picture quality

Best you'll get around this price currently for £119 delivered by Tesco

If your budget can't go to this you may be able to pick up a 32" Polaroid or goodmans etc tv for £79-£99 if you hunt around.

But these are the sets that as you say are budget brands to probably avoid. Build and overall quality is far superior on sharps for a £20 difference

It's not made in Japan like it used to be be Sharp (now owned by UMC) still make better sets than the supermarket brands you can pick up for a £99 if you hunt. Your mum will be more than pleased with the quality and you won't worry about it breaking down in exactly 13 months time…prd?skuId=657-7904&expand=true&source=awin&awc=7090_1480601786_fb17110909934ee52fbf7e78142cf6b9&sc_cmp=aff*awin*gmo*HotUKDeals_47868&utm_medium=gmo&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*HotUKDeals_47868

If i were you i'd avoid all the budget brands, you will not be happy with them, they are as the title says, 'built to a budget' Poor reliability, very poor sound, poor picture. Stick with a well known brand, e.g. Panasonic, Samsung etc There are some very good deals around at the moment. Good luck !

There's not alot wrong with budget brands, except the stigma this man has above. My mum and dad (above 60)have a techwood. Fast to change channels, good picture and fair sound. Sharp are also pretty decent....
Budget brands get alot of stigma from younger who want the Internet and an all singing dancing set. Fact is for what you want a sharp would be fine

I'm an ex TV engineer, about 80% of TV's we had in of repair were budget brands, and most were not economic to repair, so the customers had to buy again !!! Remember the saying, 'Buy cheap, Buy twice' !!!
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