Recommendations for a charging dock for a wii?

    We got a wii for christmas and thanks to the zavvi wii play deal we now have three remotes and I've also got a wii fit board. I was looking at various charging docks for the remotes but all seem to have mixed reviews. Can anyone recommend a good charging dock or am I better of just using decent rechargable batteries?
    Thanks in advance guys!


    Hi we have this one (link below) its got a built in fan for the console and come with 2 rechargable batteries. It does the job never had any probs with it at all, Might be worth doing a price comparison thou, I think I paid £12.99 before xmas for it…-12

    I bought the madcatz one at Xmas well pleased with it hope it helps. Just the fact the remotes are always charged and were not searching or paying for batteries is ace.

    I personally went for about 12 decent rechargeable batteries and spent extra on wireless nunchucks, very happy having no wires about!!
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