Recommendations for a good coffee grinder please.

Posted 20th Dec 2022 (Posted 23 h, 33 m ago)

Which coffee grinder do you recommend please? Efficiency, ease of cleaning, etc. There are so many I really can't choose.
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    Thanks, looks nice but was thinking about an electric one.
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    I used to grind my own but Aldi ready ground is excellent. Various strengths etc. personal preference is for strong coffee and so I use Alcafé Espresso Blend Roast & Ground Coffee 227g. £1.69 a bag. Through one of these…3D1

    You will have a pleasing retail experience when you find the right one for you.
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    I owned a Delonghi blade grinder, but I recently got a good value Krups GVX2 burr grinder. It's been great so far. They retail for £50-£60 ish. A good range of grind sizes, it's fast and it seems pretty consistent. I've not had to clean it so far, it's remained pretty clean over about a year. It's pretty compact with a small footprint. The grounds holder is also small, but you are best grinding in small batches anyway. I would go for a burr grinder over bladed. (edited)
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    spong number 1 vintage - never washed mine in over 40 years - some good ones on ebay…lYQ
    Thank you but I was more thinking about a small modern electric one.
  5. Avatar…-21 £42.49 for Krups GVX2 from Amazon. Seems a pretty good price. I paid similar a year ago. (edited)
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