Recommendations for a decent remote control car

Posted 15th Dec 2019
Am thinking about picking up a half decent one for my son. He has a couple of toy ones, but although he likes them I think he'd get a lot more from a better one.

I used to have a tamiya one as a kid and have great memories of that and I guess I'm looking to replicate that experience for my son.

Tamiyas are probably above my budget level, but is there any worth picking up around the 50 quid mark?

any brands to look into?
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Second hand re-release Tamiya is what I got my two for similar budget. One hornet one lunchbox.... Hrs of fun
Have a look on (nothing to do with me)

They have all sorts of stuff to cover every budget.
Will have a look second hand, although as its a gift, will need to find one in good condition!
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