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Posted 27th Dec 2019
I'm looking to buy a new laptop, main use will be internet browsing and use of Microsoft packages etc for work purposes. Key features need to be excellent/long lasting battery life and fast performance (i.e multiple browsers/tabs and applications open with little to no impact on simultaneous use). Not fussed on how it looks but not too bulky or heavy.

Budget £500/600.

Ideas/recommendations much appreciated
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I would wait until New Year sales.

Personally I would start by looking at Lenovo with i3 or i5 processor with 8GB Ram and an SSD. Very do some good new customer discount codes & if they drop their prices New Year then you are looking at £350 or an i3 & £450 for an i5
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With that budget you can get a very good laptop. I have bought three laptops recently at £400 mark and upgraded them myself with extra ram and m.2 ssd drives. All you need is a screwdriver and some common sense.

The dell inspiron 15 i5s are very good, lightweight look good and are very quick for your needs
Avoid AMD CPUs if battery life is one of your main criteria, they're still some way behind intel in the mobile area.
Thanks all!
Looks good to me. Every AMD that I have bought I have regretted but never got a Ryzen. I hear they have good reviews.

Its a good buy I think.
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