Recommendations for a remote controlled helicopter (with gyroscope)

    I am looking for one of these as a pressie for my other half. I guess I'm looking at paying £50-80, but I do want one with a good battery (probably lithium), good power and controllable. Any extra gadgets like a camera or guns (pretend,obviously, I like my neighbours!) could be fun too.


    There was one listed on here a few days ago from BHS. It was £75, had a gyro and a HD camera. They had a big stack of them in my local BHS in Broughton, North Wales! Don't know anything else about rc helicopters but I'm sure there'll be a review somewhere on the web.

    Depends what you want in an RC heli in terms of size? If you want a mini one then a WLToys V911 is very good (watch for fakes which is a big issue with all RC helicopters).

    I've got a V911 and it's great. On a calm day it works nicely outside and can get up to a decent height, it can do distances at a very good speed plus it's easy to fly with practice. Indoors is easy to do when it's a bit bad outside too so it's very versatile to play with whatever the weather. It's full featured so works like a real helicopter. It was £45, batteries are about £5 for 5 and spare parts are also very cheap (however, I've not had to buy any yet).

    If they have not had an RC helicopter before it might be best to get a good cheaper one to get used to using them first as most people tend to have a lot of accidents at first and cause lots of damage to the helicopters, the house and in my partners case themselves. Then move up from there when the basics have been covered. However, if they are an old hat with R/C stuff then I'm sure there are better options closer to your budget.

    Also checkout the Revell models, theyare the german model makers and you might like to visit Amazon DE to check their reviews.
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