Recommendations for a Tandem Pushchair?


We are looking for a tandem pushchair and have a budget of about £200 (not much I know). This will be used for a 2yr old and a newborn. We have ruled out a buggyboard as our son is very small for his age and therefore it wouldn't be suitable.

I have spent ages looking at various ones, but it's so hard to know which one to go for. Does anyone have any recommendations based on their own experience?
The ones we have been looking at in detail are the Graco Quattro Duo, Mothercare Hoxton, Bruin double stroller (tandem version) and Graco Stadium Duo.

Have also seen Safety First and Hauck's advertised but not much info about them seems to be available.

Our main concerns are the size/weight and ease of use.

I would appreciate any helpful comments.



I have been told that the best one of the market is Phil & Ted's (I think it was the Double Kit Pushchair). This was meant to be ideal for a newborn and toddler.
I actually have not used one myself but did some research as I was looking to purchase one for newborn and 19 months old.
I however know that the Phil & Ted are slightly more expensive than your budget but you may be able to get a second hand one around that price.
Good luck

Phil and Ted for sure, even if you have to buy second-hand , cannot recomend enough!! :thumbsup:

Hi Magpieno 1

We looked around for ages for a suitable pushchair for a newborn and a 20 month old, eventually we were offered a second hand Jane Powertwin for £70. It is excellent and so easy to steer, plus the extra brake on the handle is a godsend as we live on a hill

I would recommend looking for a secondhand one on Ebay as they hold their resale value, I shall be looking to sell mine in a few months for the same price as I paid for it

Happy hunting

i got this one in black


not had chance to try it out yet but i also have a 2 year old and one due anytime soon, seems sturdy and cheap as i didnt want to spend too much as my 2year old prob wont use it for that long

Check ebay for some cheap ones. Theres some new Mia Moda tandems on for less than £200, plus you can make an offer to see if they will accept a lower offer than is advertised
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