Recommendations for AMD Athlon x2 6000+ AM2 Heatsink

    As title. Does anyone know what is good and where i can get a reasonable priced heatsink.
    Currently using stock but would like to upgrade to better cooling.


    I just upgraded from the stock on my Athlon X2 4800+ to an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, got it from Scan with a new GFX card cooler (AC Accelero S2) and the free next day delivery option (if order is over £20) for being an AVforum user. It's a fantastic cooler!…993

    Ebuyer also have it, but you need to pay delivery with them and it comes to over £16.

    Blimey so many to choose from but generally you get what you pay for..I generally use stock as I don't overclock :whistling:

    I'd recommend EBuyer even if you don't actually buy from them, just to read the reviews on anything you might be partially interested in :thinking:

    Also have a look at Novatech…0m0 although, as pointed out above, Scan are well cheaper

    Don't cut corners though and make sure you use a good heat sink paste otherwise you're not efficiently transferring the heat

    Good Luck

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    artic silver 5 all the way

    Exactly, use a good paste and you'll get great temps on your CPU. Mine idles at around 30 degrees and when I'm pushing it hard then it goes no higher than about 40-45 degrees, this cooler has cut off about 15 degrees from the stock fan I was using.

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    Mine now idles at 40c. I would like to get that down a bit. I know theres some coolers out there that costs £40 or more but want something around the £20 mark. The Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro looks good so far.
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