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Found 28th Nov 2017
I have a large collection of prints to frame (all sizes!) and am getting bored of standard Ikea frames. However my local picture framing shop is quoting like £40-80 even for small ones...

Does anyone know of anywhere online that delivers good quality and a wide selection of frames in proper wood. I’m not fussy in sizes - standard premade sizes are fine as I need a real assortment of frames and I’ll get specific mounts made up.

I just fancy some different colours and widths/designs of frames without paying through the nose.
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I'm interested in knowing the answer to this too
My Mrs buys a lot of decent quality frames for her business, im at work at the moment but can find out what company she uses and report back later/tomorrow morning, I think the minimum order is normally twenty frames.
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Carboot sales in summer, might not find amount you need in one trip but you will have many different uniques/old ones
Thanks but I’m looking to choose some nice ones and ok to pay say £20-30 rather than rummage! Just can’t find anything in between Ikea and super expensive made to order
Do you have "The Range" close by, if so they do some nice frames at reasonable prices, and I've also had some nice ones from Boots, often BOGOF so worth a look there too.…est Delivery from £3.95…mes Delivery £3.50 or free if you spend£45 plus the option of click and collect if that's easier.
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Thanks - I’m looking for real wood though and from A4 up to A1 sizes - square as well as rectangular. Probably the sort of thing I would have found at Habitat - so expensive frames but just not as expensive as having them made to measure by a framers if that makes sense. Happy to pay up to £50-60 for big ones that are good quality....I just can’t find the selection anywhere.
My a4 ones were from Boots many years ago and wood too, maybe just not in the quanties you need though. Quality was excellent and price reasonable.
This site seems more reasonable…mes

Coming up at £30 or so delivered for a 50cm x 50cm frame in wood
Fast frames is the company my Mrs uses, she did say their website is pretty useless so she always rings them to place an order.
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