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Found 5th Aug 2017
Looking for a family pc with a budget of approx £350. Main uses are kids on things like football manager, and video streaming whilst chatting to mates. Would you go windows or a refurb Mac mini? Any one know of any really good deals?
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already have keyboard, mouse and monitor by the way.
Consider this…eea
Buy a 120/128GB SSD, new or from cex, get a 1TB drive or if you have a old computer use the old hard drive from that.
Then get a cheap GPU that can be powered through PCIe such as GTX 1030, great value card, this will help greatly for GPU accelerated workloads that doesnt just include games its actually alot of things.
Then install windows 10, use with or without a license key, if you need a key they are available really cheap don't pay full price look towards eBay etc.
Overall that fits your budget and a great system.
You could build all yourself but you dont really save much in cost and save some hassle, plus you reduce your amount of purchases and so warranty is covered for the Lenovo parts as a whole, if you understand me.
Or if you have time, keep an eye out for the Dell T20 with the xeon processor, slightly smaller and has been available for super keen price a couple of times.
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Buy something like this click. Then pay £15 for extra 4GB RAM then add a 120GB SSD for £45.... £160 for a desktop PC.
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