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I'm looking at setting up around 5 email addresses using my own domain so it looks more professional. Last time I did this, years ago, you could have as many as you wanted and it was included with your web hosting package. It new seems that you are restricted on how many you can have and the cheaper packages are often just web mail based. Is this the case or can anyone recommend a cheap way of doing it? I'd be happy with a POP service so I can download everything in outlook but the option to view on my phone would also be useful.
I'd appreciate your suggestions.




Highly recommend.

I use Office365 essentials. It's 3.80 per user per month. You can configure as many mailboxes (shared) for the user. I have more than 10 email IDs with 5 domains, I just pay 3.80 / month in total. The primary mailbox for each user is 50 GB, each additional mailbox is 5 GB. 1 TB OneDrive storage is also included in the plan.
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protonmailHighly recommend.

Are there any fees to use this to send/receive own domain e-mails

Thunderbird is very good

We do hosted exchange for clients at work and it works out at 8.40 per mailbox with 50gb limit and spam filters. The office 365 deal is good but doesn't have the filters.

Can't edit, on phone bug that's 8.40 per month

When combining email hosting with (optional) web hosting: unlimited number of mailboxes, unlimited quota, IMAP, IMAPS, POP, SMTP, three webmail clients, unlimited auto-responders, unlimited forwarders, SpamExpert, SSD cloud, free backups, unlimited domains / websites, decent UK support, etc total £2.99+VAT / month (that's the total monthly cost, not cost per mailbox) possibly less if you commit to minimum 12m term…php

I can recommend vidahost. their hosting packages are very competitive. personally, I currently have created email addresses without mailboxes which are forwarded to the respective gmail account. this gives me huge flexibility on how I check and sync my emails and I never have to worry about how many GBs each mailbox is using.

I run a mail server and am able to provide imap / pop3 access plus webmail. Let me know if you'd like me to set you up with a demo to try it out
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