Recommendations for fitness tracker smart watch please

    Hi looking for recommendations for a fitness tracker smart watch please, I currently have a Vivosmart HR which has started going haywire with step/stairs counting so looking to get something different this time. To be compatible with IPhone 7 and preferably have a heart rate monitor but not essential. Thanks in advance x


    Xiaomi mi band 2 is cheap but heart rate monitor isn't great. sell em.

    I am not sure what you are looking for but if you are looking for something that looks a little less fitness tracker like look at the Withings range they also have great battery life. I've previously owned a Fitbit charge and the thing fell to bits and was replaced 3 times before I finally gave up and got a refund. Same thing happened to my partners.

    I'm tempted for a banggood special, but I've been looking at my friends fitbit and have come to the conclusion that it is the smartphone software which is key for logging and presenting results.
    Not sure how good the mi band software is?? But I really like the fitbit and the challenges, also the alexa integration.

    I'm using the Garmin forerunner 230 and its a cracking bit of kit. Light weight watch you almost forget your wearing it, battery life is brilliant. Normally need to charge it every 2 weeks. But then I do have notifications on for emails/calls/texts, if I didn't have that on I guess it would last another few more days. Very easy to use and once its connected to your phone it just updates the information to the phone automatically.

    Got dumped up on Brecon Beacons for a exercise and it measured everything from daily steps, distance, calories, sleep, pace, incline. MOD wouldn't let us carry our phones on us but after the weeks exercise once the watch got near my phone it started updating it straight away.....quite a read that was.

    When you go out for a run it will track everything I have said above and more I just haven't played around with it. I've set it to do the things I require. When you start your session all notifications will be disabled so you don't get put off. When you have finished a run you don't need to connect it to your computer or phone, the watch will start talking to your phone once its in distance of each other. A nice feature is that it will bring google maps on your phone and show you where you have been and the millage you have covered.

    There's the Garmin Forerunner 235, thats the same watch but instead of wearing a chest strap. The HR is in the watch and takes the reading from your wrist.

    Good luck finding one...BTW the most expense one isn't always the best one. Been down that road

    BTW you can get widgets (apps) for it and clock faces, they are all free and plenty to chose from.
    This is a good site..LINK
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    Lovely, thank you all for your replies! Think I'm going to look at the Forerunner 230/235.... it will save me wearing 2 watches whilst running (basic Forerunner as well as my Vivosmart ) I hadn't even thought of that option oO lol. Thank you all, appreciate it x
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