Recommendations for leaf blower/vacuum

Posted 6th Jun 2020
Anyone recommend a leaf blower/vacuum? Mainly used for picking up leaves in the garden appreciate any help. Cheers
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In my opinion I found the leaf vacuum function a waste of time, unless the leaves were bone dry, which in autumn is rare, better off using a rake. Gave ours away to charity in the end.
I've been looking for one for a while. I used to have one (until it broke after many years service) and it didn't have a shred function. The leaves went up the tube and into the bag without issue. Most available today have a shredder built in and the bag is accessed via a narrow tube and often at right angles. This seems to be the weak point as (according to reviews etc) they keep getting blocked, or disintegrating when a stone gets sucked up and hits the shredder mechanism. So I am still looking.
I’ve got the Makita 18v and 36v versions, of blower. As I already had various Makita kit it was a no brainier.
Neither suck and I much prefer it to the garden vac style I had before. The 18v gets used every time I cut the grass to blow strimming cuts into the mowers path. Works well with dry leaves too.
Then the 36v get used when the going gets wetter or heavier. I could probably do without the later, damned HUKD glitch purchase

For collecting, I just use the large leaf hand collectors, something like this. Much easier to control what get picked up and stops any hedgehogs being consumed.
I have the Hyundai 3000W with vacuum function and attached bag. Was widely available at around the £35 mark, now OOS everywhere. I chose it for the essential multi speed function so can adjust to suck leaves and debris without sucking in gravel. I wouldn't worry about a built in shredder, it'll be heavy to start and heavier still as the bag fills. I've tried pushing leaves around the garden with the blow function and found a big plastic leaf rake far more efficient.

Seems you're looking for a lockdown favourite, lots of types are OOS.
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This at £45 is similar to mine
Handy THEV 3000 Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum…3QM
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