Recommendations for mid-range over-ear headphones for general music and PC / Xbox gaming use?

Found 30th Oct 2017
Well... I guess the title pretty much summed that up. If anyone could send any recommendations my way that'd be very helpful indeed. Not looking to spend a great deal but perhaps around £50 or less would be a rough budget.

Thanks all.
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Edit: I also play the drums and the pair I currently use are noise cancelling. They're pretty bad though but it helps a bunch to have that feature. If possible any noise cancelling recommendations would be welcome too.
When I think of gaming headphones I'd want fun and wide sounding, which usually means open not closed so the noise cancelling feature won't be part of them.

Status Audio CB-1 are good. But closed. And not very wide.
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I've used quite a few pairs of headsets over the years and recently bought a pair of Hyper X Cloud 2's (These) and can honestly say they are top notch. I paid £35 from Smyths but that was on a deal. They fit over ear, have a removable mic boom and have a 7.1 surround soundcard included (this attaches via USB) for PC gaming. I highly rate these. Even if I paid the full price currently on Amazon at £75 I'd be happy.
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