Recommendations for Sofology?

Posted 2nd Jan
Hello HUKD, I am currently looking to purchase some new sofa's and have found some I like on Sofology website. Unfortunately the nearest store is too far for me to visit so I would have to order online.
I am asking to hear of your experiences with buying from Sofology as I have read some bad reviews elsewhere online and am a little concerned as to whether I should look to spend my money elsewhere.
Any advice would be greatly received as it is a big purchase (around £2500)

Also if anyone has any discount codes that would be great
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Hey. I’ve just purchased two sofas from them and had a good experience. Delivered on time and shown how to operate them. A little disappointed they started selling battery packs with ours and won’t change it but no reason to give a negative review
Bought sofa 2 years ago, no problems
I would never buy a sofa without viewing it in person. You need to try them out before spending that much money on them
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