Recommendations for XViD DVD Player under £50 - upscale/hdmi bonus

    My old Philips which did XViDs badly but DVDs ok, has died.

    Willing to pay up to £50, must be region free or region free capable.

    HDMI/ upscaling is a bonus and not required.




    Hmm. Probably get a few replies on this - but no one being able to tell you which is the best to go for!

    The last one I bought for these specs was from big pockets. Its a JVC divx upscaler with HDMI and was about £18. They seem to appear in their saturday sales quite often. Cant remember the model number - but it is the only one they sell. Worth a look. Seems to work quite well despite a few poor reviews - but they were from when it was a much higher price bracket.

    I can recommend ]this one from Argos at £25 plays divx great no upscaling though.

    Or thinking outside the box how about getting an original xbox and getting it soft modded? Even better results with that!

    I've got a philips dvp 5960 - which upscales up to 1080i via hdmi and has usb support. It can be made multiregion too.... (check out the amazon review ;))

    i got mine for about £50 a few months ago.... i think it might have been replaced by a new model, so if you can find one for sale still, should prob cost you around £20ish.... def recommend it tho!

    I'll see if i can find any for sale online...


    soft modded original xbox, I have all my vids on main computer it's then networked to my xbox through my wireless router. Can watch all my vids in my living room now, it's great.

    im sure i saw one in the asda for 25 quid
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