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Posted 26th Dec 2019
I have 20Tb of data which is on a Windows 2008 server machine. I am unable to use Backblaze as you can't install it on a Windows server operating system.

I've tried Code 42 (Crashplan). First the UI is the worst I've ever seen. More importantly I get around 120kbytes/s upload. My connection is at least 30Mbit/s upload so I expecting to get at least half the theoretical maximum (~1.9Mbyte/s). I contacted Code42 and they said my upload speed I'm achieving is acceptable. I'm uploading 13-35Gb since I started on their trial. The upload speed range expected is 10-30Gb per day.

But waiting 5.8 years for my data to be backed up in ludicrous! Does anyone have any alternative suggestions please?

Many thanks!

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No direct experience with backblaze but if you can't run the client on windows server could you run a lightweight Linux vm to do it? (Alternatively a Windows 10 VM but minimal linux would be less hassle)
Do you mean 20 TERAbytes or 20gb? Presumably yes. Any cloud based backup should compress before sending. It depends on how compressible your data is and whether your server has the grunt cycles and memory to handle it. cloud based backup for this volume of data deserves a commercial SDSL line or FTTP 30/300 service.

My first thoughts would be to analyse the logical segments of your data segment based on how frequently it will change. I hope/suspect you may have a large percentage which doesn’t change and that can be written once. It is the balance of data that does change which you need to understand to determine a backup method. If you have 20tb of data which all or mostly updates, it’s worth a look at the logical and physical a data models.

personally, I would buy a commercial grade tape solution because it’s not the backup that matters. It true recovery of the data that is often near impossible. that’s what I do for a mere 2tb of photos that I want backed up in at least 3 physical locations (by post to realatives). I then use google drive for the last 90 days of active data before archiving it and wiping the older data.
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Cloudberry (now MSP360) worked with Blackblaze but allowed Server versions. Maybe worth trying that approach? They used to have a 'welcome' data allowance that you could use to speed test it IDK if this still applies.

Speedwise Google or Amazon should both horse it in terms of transfer rates but at a cost. You could have a dig around to find reviews for Zoolz too or something from here?
Azure cloud backup offer a disk import service that's quite reasonable in price. There is a calculator on their website. I'm sure Amazon (AWS) offer the same service on their E2 buckets.
Yes 20 Terabytes. I should mentioned I'm looking at paying similar to what Backblaze and Crashplan cost per month. Will investigate MSP360, Zoolz and Azure but having a quick look these services look expensive. They are marketed for small businesses and seem to cost around £50 per month unless I'm mistaken.
I think you have to be realistic. 20TB upload at your projected 1.9MB/s is 4 months of upload. That is not practical.
You need to give an indication of the data type you want to backup. Then give a clue on immediacy of recovery. Finally how frequently your data changes.

Without a faster data line, 20TB in the cloud is fantasy land.
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