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Found 3rd Mar 2011
Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good cheap desktop pc, this can be refurbished if to a goodish spec.

I already have a laptop which is used for work, this pc would just be for casual online viewing for my gf, so would ideally need wireless adapter and but having basic Microsoft office would be desirable!
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if you are interested, I have a Desktop for sale .. its a HP Desktop SFF with 1 GB RAM, DVDRW, Duo Core CPU, 80 GB SATA HDD - can also include a 14" (I think) TFT screen with keyboard and mouse. if interested, then I can post in the For Sale section and take it from their

was looking for around 115 quid (which includes postage as well)
Hi mate, cheers for the offer, but I've managed to fix the pc I have with the help of google and a factory restore, annoyingly I paid £70 for this doing 3 tyears ago so didn't want to part with that sort of cash again but after doing it myself I'm now considering going into the IT business, £70 for 10minutes work is a good profit margin!
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