Recommendations on laptop for uni.

Posted 9th Jun 2020
Hey all, I’m hoping you amazing techie lot can point me in the right direction.

My daughter starts her 2nd year at uni In September and I’m looking to buy her a decent laptop instead of the 2 yr old HP one she currently has. She’s doing film and media and has a love of graphic design too so hoping to find something that will be suitable for her that she can rely on.

I’m a technophobe so please be gentle with me

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My daughter was in the same position. Her HP gave up after a year of uni (ab)use. We got her a macbook; it was expensive, but it's lasted a few years now - it survived uni & she's still using it.
Student here! Best of the best I have one a surface device for windows or as the person above said if she prefers Mac the MacBook lineup it’s actually really solid now they’ve replaced the keyboard. Film and Media sound like something Macs are reallt good in, she’ll get a student discount off them at Apple also! If she prefers windows Microsoft give student discount off the surface lineup also
Editing film takes up a lot of resources so she’ll need something with decent processing power. Set yourself a budget, google reviews by typing in something like ‘best laptop for editing video under x amount. Narrow it down to the best 3 then search the internet for best price. Use student discounts to your advantage. If you end up going the MacBook route be careful as though they are great for most things, you would probably need a Pro version for editing.
Get a desktop...
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