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Found 19th Aug 2016
Hello again,
Just looking to port a number temporarily to another network paygo, till i find a handset deal.

Is there a good mobile network can you port to, and if retentions call (keeping my options open) can you port back to / or away to a different network without penalty, e.g you dont have to be with them for a minimum time before requesting a pac code, i'm on vodafone contract btw.

I've tried to find a definitive answer, but most networks don't have an answer in there brief T & C's on the web sites

Sorry if this has been covered before
Cheers, Mike

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I went to giffgaff from O2 at end of contract then a few months later came back to O2 for a good phone deal. Kept the same number.

no minimum. port your number in and out of any and all networks as often as you like without cost

Original Poster

ahh good to know, had the impression you had to stay for minimum term eg 30 days, hukd comes to the rescue cheers m

I've used 3 in the past been easy to deal with

3 wouldnt port number from one 3 contract to another but would port from a contract to a 3 payg then to a new 3 contract from the payg all was done very easily over live chat on the tinternet, do you need to port away from vodafone or can you do the same
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