Recommendations to clean floor tiles

Posted 27th Jun
So we have a large amount of light floor tiles in our kitchen, and kids running in and out all the time too. I already have a £10-£20 microfibre floor mop, but find it a nuisance when there is dried mud and loathe having to get down and scrub it. So, what do people recommend, should I....

  • Stick with a cheap mop
  • Go for a £50-£100 steam mop, which I think would get the dried mud up (any thoughts on a good one?)
  • Go for something like the Bissell Spinwave, which would remove my need to get down and scrub (if it works as it looks like it should)
  • For all out on a Bissell Crosswave or Vax OnePwr Glide which would also do the vacuuming at the same time (I see these look great on the spilled juice, cracked eggs, etc., but would they work on the dried mud and other harder stuff?)

Or any other thoughts instead?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Get kids to take shoes off in the house. Problem sorted. Your welcome.
Vileda supermoccio & flash cleans the kitchen floor well with muddy dog.

I hated the steam mop and it’s languishing in the garage.

Flash is what works best for me; dettol and looky-likeys don’t seem to work as well.
discozohan27/06/2020 13:43

Get kids to take shoes off in the house. Problem sorted. Your welcome.

This will also prevent scratches on tiles from any grit caught in the tread/sole.
Don't do steam mop. They're great at removing deep stains, but almost useless for any volume of dirt. If you think about it, a normal mop would get washed out in a bucket, there's no such thing on a steam mop. At best you'll be replacing the pad every wipe, at worst you'll leave a thin film of dirt everywhere.

I'd just stick with a bog standard mop.
We love a steam mop. We use on our kitchen tiles and it cleans brilliantly. No cleaning products means no residue film left behind. We have a dog so the floor can get really muddy. If we leave the mud to dry we vacuum up what we can and then steam mop the rest and wash the pad in the washing machine - still have the original pad, haven’t had to buy a replacement and it’s been 18 months. We’re on our 3rd steam mop. The Thanes H2O broke after a couple of months so that went back. We then got a Dirt Devil which was the best. It died after a couple of years but only cost £30. We now have a Russell Hobbs which is great but not as good as the previous one at getting into corners.
Just use a traditional string mop, a bucket with a wringer, some hot water, and a bottle of Flash.
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