Recommended 360 games

Have just bought a modded 360( from HUKD trade section ) was wondering what are the best games.
I have got Farcry 2, fifa 09, PES09, CODWAW. Street fighter 4, Race driver grid, Left 4 dead, Lost planet, rainbow six. Can anyone recommend some good games.


Crackdown is good for an older game, was my favourite on Xbox along with Gears of War.

Gears of War 1 & 2 are must haves


Gears of War 1 & 2 are must haves

I disagree, they are over rated but if you can get them for £1-2 each they are probably worth a shot, you may like them.

Red Faction: Guerilla is great
Dead Space is good
Resident Evil 5 is ok if you have a friend to play co-op but not of the best resident evil's
Call of Duty 4 is better than Call of Duty 5 (world at war)
Skate 2 is also very fun for a few hours
Ninja Gaiden 2 is hard but a very fun, bloody game

Depends what type of games you like really, have a look at the top rated on…60/

You might want to consider buying a cheap guitar hero guitar (you can get wired ones from argos for £10) and getting a few guitar hero games


Gears of War 1 & 2 are must haves

didnt like them at all - agree with above really overated

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thanx everyone. crackdown was on my radar, will give it a go. gears of war 1 and 2 were a bit of a letdown to be honest. is Ninja gaiden 2 as hard as ninja gaiden 1 on original xbox? that was the hardest game ever. dont wanna go through that again. thanks for the help. have some rep.

I didn't play much of the original ninja gaiden but the 2nd one is very hard but still fun... I enjoy a challenge xD

Check ou test drive unlimited, PGR4, Guitar Hero world tour. etc

Fallout 3 is a brilliant 1 player rpg (although i didn't like oblivion)
Forza 2, Saints row 2 or GTA, Dead Rising are quite good as well. All of which will be relatively cheap as well.
Personally don't like a lot of the newer titles like res evil as they don't seem to last more than a few days but then I'm not playing lot of multiplayer recently.

+1 for COD4 over cod5, easily my favourite xbox live game. (Over 150hrs spent online)
Theres my 2 cents

You've gotta play Bioshock

Orange box(good)
Dead Space(excellent)

As for Ninja Gaiden the 1st one is harder, both are great games

[*]Fallout 3
[*]Mass Effect
[*]if have a girlfriend/wife/kids Viva Pinata (but won't see your console for about a week)
[*]Assassins Creed, great for visuals but can get repetative

Loads more, but they are the cream for me.

you already have street fighter 4 so you are pretty much sorted agree with ninja gaiden 2 too

Im getting into fallout 3. An immense game
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