Recommended Android Games with no Pay Wall

Posted 25th Mar
Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend any games for Android that doesn't have any pay walls, pay-to-win or heavy adverts interrupting game play every 5mins.

I'm so sick of enjoying a game for an hour then very quickly finding myself having getting stuck with heavy pay walls or i need to wait hours to get more lives when I just want to play a blooming game!!

Pretty much given up on Android as a gaming platform but with the lock in, I wouldn't mind picking this back up with some recommendations. Don't mind paying for games either. Even games I've paid for in the past had pay walls which annoying.

Thanks and stay safe guys!
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Set up an alert, quite often get android games reduced to free temporarily on hukd...
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Clash Royale, a twist in the tower defense type game. Free to play, you can level up faster by in game purchases but it's fun levelling up slowly anyway
What sort of games do you like? This is a good puzzle game - quite addictive. Puzzle game
Rome total war, I spend hours at a time playing
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