Recommended computer chairs?

    I am looking at purchase a computer chair, but not sure what chair would be best - This will be in use for many hours per day and so needs to support my back etc.

    Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!


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    Is this a chair you have and would recommend?

    i do have this chair but it's my missus that uses and recommends it

    Computers don't need a chair!!! There happy to sit on the floor

    Generally it's best to go into somewhere like Staples and try a few. I find chairs to be quite personal, my OH has one similar to that linked and I don't find it very comfy, but he loves it.


    Don't get the Berlin chair. I put up with mine for around a year and it … Don't get the Berlin chair. I put up with mine for around a year and it left my lower back in agony. From day one I had to put a pillow on it for more padding.Spend the extra and get this one:[url=][/url]I really cannot recommend it enough - £71.99 may sound steep but it normally sells there at £179.99 ! You won't find a better chair for under £100 IMO.

    I am totally agreed with mamoboy. The Berlin chair is so bad, the way how they design the base of the chair is just too big, my back always hurt when using it. I ended it giving it away.

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