Recommended good quality HDMI cable for PS3


    Could someone please recommended a good quality HDMI cable for PS3. I've used 2 cheap cables (cost £5 each) and both broke after time.

    The first lagged during gameplay and now my current cable has sound problems. I've tried my Xbox 360 HDMI on the PS3 cable and it works fine with no problems.

    I need a high quality cable from a realiable company. I have about £10 to spend.



    Oh my.

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    Oh my.

    lol what?

    "first lagged during gameplay"

    Are you sure you werent just playing online?! lol

    unless you are gonna spend hundreds it wont make a difference. Just avoid the really cheap ones and you'll be fine. All my poundlound ones are running fine, ive used about 10 in total in different houses

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    lol yes. It did it during intro videos too!

    I use cheapy cheapo ones and no issues at all. It's all digitally transmitted so it would pretty much take a bad connection or broken wire to cause issues.


    you need one of THESE

    I bought one when I was in Currys. The helpful young man said it was the best money could buy. I also took a 3-year warranty at the time for only £25.00 per month in case it should break.

    I can honestly say it has made a huge difference to my viewing through my 14" CRT TV. I did have to butcher it a bit to make it work.

    Unless you need longer than 2m, the cheap and nasty will work just find.

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    well both my cheapo ones died!

    Monster M2000 HDMi awsome
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