Recommended Laptop Utility programs, spyware and anti virus etc?

    Hi bought a new laptop, what is your recommended programmes for spyware, anti virus and overall utilities? ccleaner, avg spybot etc?



    on all my pcs and familys, i add

    comodo firewall
    avg av free

    spybot is years old and last i heard was hacked and didnt really work

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    As above really, mine are
    Eset security package
    Avg tune

    Loads of good ones but avoid mcafee and Norton, or anything you need to pay monthly, I buy yearly keys for around £5-£10 not the £10-£15 a month I've seen people think they need to pay

    i really don't like AVG anymore. The pop up is unbearable and you cant turn it off unless you buy the premium edition. Ive started using Avira and it seems much better. My biggest bug bear on AVG was that when playing games the pop up would steal focus from the game! Avira hasn't done that yet

    malwarebytes and bitdefender...

    Avast Free
    Windows Defender (just because its there and it's run on demand for W7)

    As long as your not doing anything dodgy then it should be more then enough. Just run Malwarebytes and Windows Defender once a month and disable any popups you find annoying on Avast and your good to go.

    google AVG and if you are happy with their practice of them selling your info then they are ok, but with Avira and even Avast out there I know which I would be using.

    Sumo (lite) for software updates
    Wise Disk Cleaner (include using Slimming System)
    Wise Reg Cleaner (include using System Optimixer)
    Drive Booster (for checking driver updates)
    Windows Defender (but I know which sites to access, what files to download so I don't need excessive process hungry real protection)

    Comodo free internet security inclds firewall and antivirus. Used it for 5 years, no problem at all.

    malwarebytes free version which i use to do system scans now and again. Also adblock browser add ons are a must to stop ads and popups. Adblock plus or pro or even both.

    CCleaner Pro (free from torrent site)
    Kaspersky - great ad blocker and can also protect your phone. (free if you bank with Barclays)
    Driver Talent Pro - this will update all your out of date drivers for you. (free from torrent site)
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    Avast antivirus (only install desired shields, otherwise bloat)

    Comodo firewall free


    AdBlock for browser (search AdBlock subscriptions)

    Only install bare minimum during setups, no need for extra background tasks. All are free and if you set things for a more manual method of scanning you won't fill up your process list so keeps things quite lite.
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