Recommended mobile phone or tablet for card reader use only?

Found 17th Jul
Hi - the charity I volunteer with wants to have card readers payments available at its open days and has decided to use PayPal Here on mobile network data (no WiFi on site).

Can anyone who is up to date with the currently available options recommend a cheap phone or tablet with SIM slot, and cheap data-heavy SIM? Three is the best network for us in terms of getting a reliable connection across the site.

Here is what it says on the compatible devices page for PayPal Here:
  • iOS devices (iPhone 3GS and later) running iOS version 7.0 and later
  • Android devices running 4.0 or later, Bluetooth 2.0 (or higher) and support both capturing devices and peripheral card readers via Serial Port Profile (SPP)

Many thanks!
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Difficult to find any current (or even ancient) Android smartphone that will not meet those OS & BT specs. Options may start from £15 directly from o2 (delivered / collected) plus 99p unlock via the bay, random example in stock at time of post:…new…ode
3 PAYG sim data cost is 1p / megabyte based on standard 3-2-1 rate; unlikely to be any benefit in buying a 30day add-on bundle unless performing huge numbers of transactions within a 30day period.
Disable all app auto-updates / notifications / access (except maybe the PPH app) to minimise cellular data costs.
As above really my Mrs still uses an old first generation Moto G LTE and it works fine with the PayPal app.
Oh, and the actual transactions themselves use hardly any data to process, we're talking kb's rather than mb's, so unless you're making thousands of transactions it's not going to use much data.
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Thank you both so much. That was one of my questions, about how much data the transactions use. I’ll let our treasurer know that a Three payg sim will be fine and I hadn’t thought about a refurbished phone. Great idea. We’ll only be using about twice a month so we don’t want to spend a lot.
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