recommended pc help?

    hi all, as from tomorrow i have £660 to build a pc, could someone pls give me a few ideas of what to buy for that money pls? need to include a monitor also, I already have a graphics card so no need to purchase another, thanks for any help


    ~ £160 for core2duo E6600
    ~ £80 for a descent motherboard
    ~ £50 for 2 GB Ram
    ~ £50 for 200GB sata hdd
    ~ £50 for a case
    ~ £80 for psu

    these are only average
    I can have a look for you which exact models if you want

    thats left you £190 for your monitor
    if you buy off ebuyer buy it separately and get another £30 off using google checkout
    then you have £220 for monitor
    you can get the very sexy samsung 22" lcd for £220 from pc world

    What will you use the machine for? Gaming? Internet? Email? Word processing? Web Design? Photo editing? Movie editing? Paperweight? :giggle:

    That answer of course leads on to a whole host of other questions:

    What graphics card do you have? Is it AGP or PCI-E? That will make a lot of difference to what you can buy and also to what is worth buying (not much point having a top spec system with a pants graphics card for example).

    On the subject of monitor, what size are you after? CRT of LCD?

    Do you need a keyboard and mouse? If so wireless or wired?

    Do you need any networking capabilities? If so wired or wireless?

    Do you need speakers?

    Do you need an operating system? If so Windows (XP or Vista?) or Linux?

    How much storage (size of hard drive) do you think you will need?

    Do you want a CD-drive? DVD-drive? CD-writer? DVD-writer?

    What sort of size case were you thinking of? Full tower? Midi? Mini? Micro?


    Let us know roughly what you're hoping for and we should be able to point you in the direction of something pretty nice for the money. :thumbsup:
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