Recommended thermal paste and pads for PS4?

Posted 7th Aug 2015
Hi all,

My PS4 is quite loud now (warranty is also up) and couldn't see any recent threads on which thermal paste and thermal pads are most recommended.

I've already got my eye on 3.5mg of Arctic Silver paste for just over a fiver, but what should I get for thermal pads?

Just thought I'd see what others have used.

Thanks again everyone!
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+1 to Arctic Silver it's all u ever use
Agreed - arctic silver 5 in my PC, and 2 xboxes - any time u need thermal paste, this is best all rounder for money especially!.
I would say Arctic silver MX4, I've used this on 2 of my PS3's and had good results. I use MX4 because it's non conductive. So you don't have to worry if you get it on the board
Thermal pads - Fujipoly premium or extreme, 1mm thick for memory chips, you need 2 strips (100x15mm) to cover 16 chips (8 top and 8 bottom)
any update on this did it make a difference?
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