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Found 3rd Jan 2007
:w00t: Does anyone ever have it where you recommend something to someone and they are very dubious like there is a catch. The more u do it the worse it gets.

I've recommended this site, quidco and martins money tips to people knowing it would make/save money but they don't follow it through. Weird!

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I find that people really cannot come to believe that you can get something for nothing. Maybe it was something their Mum told them, but there is plenty of evidence to prove this wrong.

Like cashback promotions on mobile phones, well I was paying £17 a month plus calls before I started to use these. Now most people I know use them but trying to convince somebody new about how much you can save seems impossible.

Using cashback sites like Quidco, Greasypalm and the like, its money for nothing that if you didn't take your fair share it would land in somebody else's pocket. So many people seem to have difficulty with the principle of referral fees, I have often resorted to giving people referral links so I get the cashback and they are happy to do that but somehow they cant be bothered to get it themselves???

I use Autoaid for car recovery, it stacks up so well against the more popular companies for value yet people seem to think that it will fail to deliver when needed despite evidence to the contary. Many named recovery firms use contracted out firms and you get exactly the same recovery vehicle and driver with Autoaid.

Over £100 back on my car insurance, thanks to everybody that paid full whack and subsidised this for me.

The list goes on and on, one thing that my Mum told me.... a fool and his money are soon parted.

Well I try and spread the good deals around friends and family and will continue to do so, another thing my Mum said... you can take a horse to water but....

tbh I was very wary of Quidco at first, I decided to give at a go after reading A LOT of positive feedback here. I've always believed that if something seems too good to be true, it is. Quidco must be the exception that proves the rule, I think it'll save me a few hundred quid over the course of a year :-)
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