Reconditioned Laptop Yes or No?

    I am looking for a resonably priced Laptop. I have seen some well priced reconditioned laptops, are they any good or should i stay clear?


    Depends on how much you have to spend and what you want. I'd stay clear of refurbs though.

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    Im looking to spend about £300-£350.


    Im looking to spend about £300-£350.

    For that amount you ought to get a decent new one.

    I bought a reconditioned laptop! It depends where you buy it from I guess?

    I bought a laptop from Currys and it was basically brand new but the outer box was different to manufacturers packaging otherwise laptop was brand new!

    Dell outlet may be worth look. last day today for extra 55 quid off and free delivery.

    i got a new laptop with plent of spec from staples for £279. its a fujitsu. it was the cheapest (or one of the cheapest they had) i think it may have gone up to £299 now. Its fine for buring Cds / Dvds, surfing the web, has plenty of storage. Wouldnt risk paying that sort of money for second hand model.

    It really depends which reconditioned laptops you're referring to, some are an excellent buy but others are just secondhand laptops that have been cleaned up a bit. I've bought a few machines which are technically 'refurbished' from Dell's Outlet however they've been in brand new condition with all labels and protectors intact. Even the cosmetically damaged Studio Hybrid I bought off Dell's ebay outlet looks flawless to me, I can't find this supposed scratch it's meant to have.

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