Recoomend me GOOD ANTI-AGING CREAM !

    Could someone pls recommend me good anti-aging / wrinkle cream. I need to buy for my mother.

    I bought OLAY REGENERIST perfecting cream in the past but she has now run out of it and I can't find it on ebay either. So any other good make would do.




    I just looked..... and i'm sorry but there is nothing more we can do...

    could try Harold Monk, quite well known... apparently a good moisturiser... its heavily supplied by chod

    on a serious note, wasn't it aldi/lidl that had the best anti aging cream, can't remember which

    guess it was ]aldi

    boots or asda sell OLAY REGENERIST ]http//ww…=16:thumbsup:

    There was a blind trial done on ALDI day and night cream and it came in with very good reviews not sure if it is anti aging to but only 1.85 per pot if thats any use

    Also home and bargain had the olay creams in maybe worth a try…jpg

    My sister (aged 37) tried Olay with some startling results - check it out.


    do it the old fashioned way.....

    kids and their technology.... next you're going to tell me I can use the internet on my phone...

    some channel 4 show like gok wan / trinny and susannah.... but with that woman and the rectangular glasses...

    anyway, they had all tests done... on products... (maybe it is tinny and susannah) anyway, the main appeal to the show was 'real women, testing real products with real answers'

    they would compare everything from price to effectiveness... um, should imagine they done anti aging cream... (sorry i'm not bein very specific!)

    Aldi, my mum got some for £1.89, they do different types, and apparently it is V good!

    waitroses baby bottom butter if you can find any in stock

    Have your mother tried using the ALoe Vera products? They are 100% perfume, chemicals free. They have no side effects and have shown tremedous differences on people who have used them
    I used them on my little one for Eczema, used it for myself for stretch marks and ue lots of other aloe vera supplements for several different things and seem great difference. If you require any further information please email back

    You dont need it ..................... just smile baby smile :-D

    (see how young the smiley looks ? ! )

    Cement mix.

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone for help...

    kilimanjaro, thanks for the advise. I'll try this ALDI product as well as see any ALOE VERA for my mother as she can't go on the internet hence given me the task to find out for her.

    She has been using OLAY regenerist so I was thinking any other products as long as they are for anti-aging and wrinkle such as Garnier or any other makes in bargain price.
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