Record from my Midi Hi-fi on to my laptop to create mp3’s


    Can you please give me an idiots guide on how to record from my midi hifi on to my laptop.

    I would like to create mp3s and would like to record from cassettes, cd, and minidisc on to the laptop

    Which is the best and easy to use software?



    i find audacity a good program for recording things,]http//au…et/, and its free too.

    If you plug an audio wire from the headphone socket of your hi fi to the mic on your laptop I think that should record, as long as you change the record source as the mic thing or line in. I did that to record the singing poo in conkers bad fur day for n64, makes an excellent ringtone. Apart from it was the headphone socket in the television.

    Don't know how you can record things to be stereo though.

    I didn't have a line in option on my laptop so I bought a Griffin iMic from eBay (they can be picked up for £10.99 at the moment!). This comes with the Audacity software and means that you can record in stereo from any 3.5mm connector (the same size as a headphone connector). I've copied all my old tapes onto my computer using this excellent value bit of kit.

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    Thanks for your help on this,

    Should I go for Audacity 1.2.6 or 1.3.2 ?

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