Record mobile calls

I'm trying to record some mobile calls but my current phone (LG Chocolate) doesn't seem to have this function.

Does anyone know of a phone that records calls? It is going to be used purely for that, so I'm not bothered about looks and other features.

Just as long as it can record calls and can have its memory upgraded then it's fine.

If your phone has these features then please could you state which one it is!

Or if there's another way of doing it so I can use my LG Chocolate then even better!

I know the legalities of this, so don't worry. Its just I'm getting severely pestered by certain people now and its become beyond a joke (if it was even a joke in the first place). So i'm going to record the calls so I can present them to the police (as they couldn't care less when I went to them initially).

Thanks for any advice, Thom.


There are a couple of phones that have this feature but I don't know which ones I'm afraid. Personally I use an xda exec on speakerphone (can use any phone with speakerphone) and a pda to record (any sort of dictaphone type device will do).

I assume you're going to warn the other party that they are being recorded?

Original Poster

Thanks for your reply.

I was going to use the speakerphone option but then I realised that the LG Choc. doesn't seem to have the speakerphone feature, which seems odd. I also feel the sound quality might not be as good as I would like if I'm having to use a speakerphone and a dictaphone.

It turns out the Nokia 6230 records calls but it is a bit pricey considering I just need it for one thing.

Yep, the other party will be informed that they're being recorded.

Any phones or any suggestions are much appreciated.

Any smartphone with Windows Mobile V5 or V6 has a program called notes which can record WITHOUT beeps.

However im sure superior examples exist which can take advantage of any SD memory cardslots you may have.

There are a couple for Symbian/S60 mobiles but they have the legal beeps in place notifying the other person the call is being recorded.
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