Found 15th Apr 2009
Friend of mines is looking to buy a turntable for playing vinyls, he hasn't a clue where to start looking. Doesn't need anything to pricey, doesn't need to be one of the USB ones as he's not interested in rigging it to computer. any pointers would be appreciated!

rep to any helpers

thanks guys



This works with a computer and rips to mp3, but not sure if it will work as a stand alone record player. But it's a good price and has decent reviews. Mammouth thread to read through though.
Regards Andy…-a/

I'd try somewhere like Richer Sounds. They have some in their clearance section starting from £19.95. Here's some links for you.:

Bush £19.95:…SIL

Accoustic Solutions £29.95:…SIL

Audio Technica £39.95:…L50

Other than there, try eBay. There's always some one there.

Hope this helps:thumbsup:

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thanks both of you, will pass these links on, have given you both rep

I have a full size 5cd aiwa stereo that has faults (cd lens needs cleaning headphone jack faulty) but it has a separate record deck(mains power cable and 2 rca leads (white/red)) with it which works perfectly.

If he is interested he can have it for £10 +postage for the lot or just the record player.

let me know and i will post an ad in the for sale/trade section.
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