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Found 3rd Jan
Hello everyone and a happy new year!

I have been given the task of recording a few voice scripts and pieces of dialogue (don't ask lol). I'm after the easiest and, preferably, cheapest way of being able to record and edit these?
I already have a laptop running Windows 8 but I'm still in need of a microphone and some editing software.
Could anyone recommend a good microphone at a cheap-ish price and some editing software that's easy to use? It will just be to record my voice, similar to a podcast.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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There are lots of decent USB condenser mics out there. Have a google for a buyer's guide, and pick the one that suits your budget the best. For software, Audacity will do the job, and it's free.

One important note to add is that the hardware and the software are only parts of it. For decent quality recordings, you need to research mic technique, and production technique. Youtube is a great resource for these things, and searching for things like 'voiceover tutorial' should bring up some good results.
Audacity and Blue Yeti microphone, currently on amazon for £79.99 and the quality is great!
If you search for blue yeti on Amazon, this is reportedly the best and the only one I’ve used, however you’ll see the “sponsored” or “other people bought this” columns if you scroll down with some decent alternatives that are much cheaper.

I also did some recording on the on board Mic on my MacBook, maybe yours might have a decent enough one to save you that expense.

Audacity is popular for software.
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