Recording bass guitar into my computer /???

    Hello, i see youtube videos of people playing bass and ive always wondered how the hell they record it so clear??? i never get a reply from them, i bought a SAMSON recording mic and it just records as a buzz!


    1. Feed your bass into a mixer then into the line-in of your PC and use a sound recording package. (this is how I would do it)

    2. Feed your bass direct into the line-in of your PC and use a sound recording package. (this maybe to loud for soundcard or even to quiet)

    3. Does your bass amp have a line out? If yes then you could get a audio cable from that into line-in of your PC and use a sound recording package.

    Hope that helps

    Edit: or theres ]this although it seems a little pricey

    And ]this has a line out



    Don't use a mic, you want the guitar straight into the PC.


    Right, I did music tech at uni and i've mixed a bunch of projects, mainly hip hop and played bass on quite a few tracks!

    You wan't a good bass sound for cheap?


    Without spending money on getting a great sounding amp, micing it up, getting a decent pre amp etc etc, the easiest way is to DI (direct input) the bass into your computer.

    You need two things.

    A DI box.

    A Mixing board.

    So you'd do;

    Bass -> DI Box -> Mixing board (line out)-> Computer (through the line in)

    You can get cheap DI boxes that will just simply do the job. Something like this:…tml

    Or if you want something totally bad ass which will make it sound amped up and let you manipulate the tone go for this;…tml

    Then you just need a basic mixer, such as;…tml

    Believe me this is the best way to get a good recording sound of your bass without spending shed loads of money.

    Btw are you currently putting your Samson mic up to your amp or just your bass?
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