Recording ESPN on Freeview

    So, I'm considering getting ESPN as I'm an NBA and NHL fan. But since most of the games are on in the small hours of the morning, I'd ideally want to record the live games and watch them the next day.

    I have a Freeview+ HD box, but it doesn't have a CI or PCMCIA slot. The options TopUpTV give for receiving ESPN are either a CAM or a Freeview receiver with a CI slot.

    So, my question is, is it possible to get a box which I can connect to my PVR so that I can record ESPN? With minimal loss of picture quality, obviously.

    Would a box with a CI slot and UHF loopthrough or a UHF modulator do the trick? (I'm thinking aerial -> box -> pvr -> TV?)

    And if that's the case, does anyone know if the cheap and cheerful T125 box from TopUpTV can do that? If not, which ones can? I'd really rather not have to buy a new PVR with a CI slot.

    Thanks for any advice.

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