Recording onto DVD

    Can any one help?

    I have an LG352sc Recorder which I would highly reccomend for around the £100 mark. It has many good features although it's a bit clumsy to use.

    My problem is that I have tried ASDA's own DVD+r's which I am assured are Verbatim and they are not even recognised. I then purchased Maxell DVD+r's and although they are recognised and I am able to record onto them from the built in HD, when I then go to play them on the recorder, even though they are finalised, the HR352 will ask whether I want to format and will not play the burnt disc. They do play OK on a DVD player.

    To save trying LOADS before arriving at a solution, is this fairly commonplace with recorders? Would I fare much better with DVD-r's or is it more likely to be the disc manufacturer or do I have a faulty DVD recorder?

    Any suggestions?


    Have you tried updating the firmware? I had a few problems with my burner (wouldn't burn -R discs but would play them, didn't like a particular brand of discs, etc). A firmware update solved my problems.

    Original Poster

    Hi Thanks for the suggestion.

    How do I update the firmware?

    This is a stand alone dvd recorder. Not a dvd writer installed on my computer.

    Sorry - didn't realise it was a standalone recorder, in which case, I don't know how to update the firmware.

    My next suggestion, then, is to look at the specs for the recorder & make sure that it can handle the +R discs or -R discs.

    I know that you said that you don't want to buy stacks of discs to solve this, but my third suggestion is to buy a good quality brand of disc & try that. Only buy as few as possible until you are sure that they work. As to which brand, sorry but once again I can't help - maybe other here can suggest some for you?
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