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Found 27th May 2007
Helloo all its my birthday today so im gonna buy some recording software with my money i just need to know will and how it works..

I have my laptop next to my 360 and the ethernet is connected from the port in the 360 to the port in the laptop, what do i need to connect up to get the recording software working, im considering this one...…76/ Pinnacle studio

are there any better for around the same price??

thanks alot.



Happy birthday mate, hope you have a great day. How old??

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17 dont know what im doing but might be going somewere tonight with the family.



17 dont know what im doing but might be going somewere tonight with … 17 dont know what im doing but might be going somewere tonight with the family.

Excellent! well make the most of it as before you know it the big 30 comes and kicks you up the ass. lol. and enjoy your day mate. Hope they've got something good planned.

Sorry i don't know much about pinnacle by the way. :thumbsup:

Sorry but I cannot help...but have a great birthday...your last year before adulthood so make the most of it.

Your problem is, you'd need to split the signal...

How do you currently have it connected and at what setting (TV or HDTV).

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Normal TV lcd, 720p

That means you're using the HDTV setting on the cable provided then...

In order to record to the Laptop using the Dazzle VC, you'd need to use the Composite connections and split the phono connection...

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Erm, explain? whats these connections? were do i buy them?

Ok, the cable you get with the Premium 360 is a Component (Red, Green, Blue Connections) & Composite Lead (Yellow Connection).

Component is for HDTV, Composite for normal TV, and this has a switch where it plugs into the console for you to choose whether it will be used on a HDTV or normal TV...

The Dazzle VC cannot take Component signals, only Composite. So you would need to switch to Composite signals in order for the Dazzle to record them.

You would need to use something such as a stacking phono lead (example:…D=Y)

You would then plug this into the Composite connection of your TV to view as normal, then use normal Phono Leads from the back of that lead and into the Dazzle VC.

Obv you'd need 3 connections, whereas that example only has 2, so you may need to get another twin lead and just not use one of the connections.

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lol that has confused the hell out of me i will buy that stuff and figure it out lol

Before you do, does your TV have the Yellow, Red, White phono inputs for Composite Video & Left/Right Audio?

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Yes it does, would it be easier if i lowered it down to 480p?? is there a way to not buy the splitters??

No, unless you're happy with playing the 360 through your laptop...

If you want it on the TV as well, you have to split the signal.

Even 480P is too much for the Dazzle VC, as that is still Component signal, not Composite.

You will definately need to switch the cable (where the switch is near the console connection) to the normal TV position and out of the HDTV position.

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So if i buy the maplin thing and dazzle studio recorder, i connect one end into my laptop then the yellow cable on my 360 cable into on of the pinnacle slots, the get splitter and what?

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I dont suppose you could draw a quick sketch of what connects to what?

Full rundown for you...

Dazzle VC
2 x Stackable Twin Phono Leads from Maplin

To connect:

1. Install Dazzle VC & Pinnacle to Laptop
2. Switch the Xbox360 Cable from HDTV to TV.
3. Connect the Stackable Phono Leads into the Dazzle VC (with Stackable Ends)
4. Connect the relevant Yellow, Red & White connections of the Xbox360 cable to the corresponding colours on the Dazzle VC. (This will be into the back of the Stackable Connections)
5. Connect the corresponding connections from the left over connections on Stackable Leads to the TV (taking note of Yellow, Red & White colour sockets on Dazzle as the stackable leads are not the correct colour coding).
6. Switch the TV to the correct AV channel and check the signal is coming through.

Note: You will have one half of one of the Twin Stackable Leads not connected, this is fine, don't worry about it.

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That i understand, thanks browni you have been great

Just in case, I hope this is understandable...

Happy Birthday Odriscoll!

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oh and great drawing browni

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Hey anyone who knows about this, im about to buy the splitters but need to know which ones...

2x Stack Pho Ld 1.5m
2x Stack Pho Ld 3m

Any help please?

They sound exactly the same apart from the length in metres?

1.5 metres or 3 metres?

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What will i need then be safe and get 3m?

Depends how far away from the TV the Dazzle will be...

To be honest, you won't get a signal drop in either length, so it's all down to preference.

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Browni your here could u repost your drawing and name the objects please lol


It goes like this...

TV - Top Left
Laptop - Middle Right
Dazzle - Middle/Middle ?
Xbox360 - Bottom Left

Stackable leads plug between Dazzle and TV, leads from Xbox360 into the Stackable ends of Leads at the Dazzle.

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Thanks i have ordered everything now, bring on monday

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Now have my recording stuff, just waiting for the splitters. Anyone know what maplins delivery is like

Up to 3 working days, but usually quick...

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Of i use it on my HDTV downstairs would it work without the splitters?

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Damn had seriously problems trying to do this tonight, spent 3 hours in total frudtration. firstly i connected it all up but was getting no signal on my tv, i couldnt switch the recording stuff to pinnacle as it was stuck on dv recorder. i have given up for tonight but if anyone knows how to solve this please reply.

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Got my cables today but it wont work dont get no picture on my tv..

You have the cable switched to the normal TV side on the 360 don't you?

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Yes, i have picture now but it wont capture for some reason, says it cant find the capture device...
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