Recording TV to dvd advice

    Any tips on how I can record tv shows to keep on a dvd. I like to make my own collection of football highlights as dvd review wasn't great.

    I have a old dvd recorder that not used for a while nothing will bring a picture up. My TV now only has one scart so tried using a scart box with it, and putting aerial in dvd recorder. No picture every time.

    So not sure how going be able to record and keep tv shows etc. I have freeview box can record but not keep it just has hdmi socket on back.

    Any tips or will need to get virgin/sky subcription? or will a new dvd recorder with built in freeview work I guess since got digital that won't helped?

    I appreciate any tips on this thanks.


    Most modern TVs record straight to USB stick. DVDs are roughly 4.7GB single layer whilst cheap memory sticks are about 128GB. I would just buy a new TV if your TV doesn't have a built in receiver.

    I have a similar setup. The reason you get no picture is because your "old" DVD recorder is probably analogue - i.e. no digital tuner. As you know, analogue signal was turned off - hence no picture. What you need is a 'freeview' box that has either an HDMI and a SCART socket on AV2 or an older TWIN SCART box. Either way, you need a box with a second AV. Then, HDMI/SCART into TV - and second SCART into DVD recorder. Set DVD recorder to AV and whatever channel is on the Freeview box will be recorded.

    Just remember that with this setup, you can ONLY record the channel the Freeview box is tuned to. You cannot change channel on Freeview. If you wish to watch another channel, you would have to switch the TV manually. I've seen twin scart Freeview boxes for as little as £5 (or less) in charity shops/carboot etc. so it's quite a cheap option. As opposed to getting a new 'digital' Freeview DVD recorder, that is!

    Best regards, Phsy.

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    My TV only has one scart. I have scart box though. Will a new Digital Freeview box play through a old dvd recorder? Or will be best buy new dvd recorder with built in freeview even though be expensive.


    My TV only has one scart. I have scart box though. Will a new Digital … My TV only has one scart. I have scart box though. Will a new Digital Freeview box play through a old dvd recorder? Or will be best buy new dvd recorder with built in freeview even though be expensive.

    Without a doubt - a new "Freeview" DVD recorder would be the easiest option as it's a 'one-shot' deal that will cover all bases but I kind of got the impression (wrongly, maybe) that you were trying to find a way to use your existing equipment without a lot of unnecessary expense.

    Anyhoo, to answer the first part of your question - a 'new' Freeview box wouldn't play through your DVD recorder but rather play into it - if that makes sense. Your TV aerial would go into the Freeview box. this would then display your shows/programmes etc. via the first SCART connection to your TV. The second SCART cable connection from the Freeview box to your DVD recorder would be an AV output. The DVD recorder (set to AV) would receive ANY input coming in on that line. Therefore, whatever channel you have selected on the Freeview box would be 'seen' by your DVD recorder and you can record it.

    Now, to obviously play back your recordings you would need to swap the SCART in the back of the TV (as you only have one) or try your SCART splitter but they can be troublesome sometimes. To clarify, your DVD recorder would need to become the transmitting device (just as the Freeview box is) to the TV. Otherwise the poor old TV doesn't know an incoming signal exists. A TV with two SCART sockets would've been ideal really.

    So, your options are:

    1) Get a cheapie Freeview box with two SCART sockets. I can see loads on Ebay going for peanuts. There's a Philips DTR1500 for 99p + postage for starters. You'd then need 3 SCART cables. One from new Freeview box to TV (or into your SCART splitter.) One from Freeview box AV2 to DVD recorder AV socket. Then one from DVD recorder TV SCART socket to your TV (by swapping with Freeview box) via your splitter. Aerial cable into Freeview box antenna IN socket. Flylead from Freeview box aerial loopthrough socket to TV antenna IN. Thats it as far as connections go.

    2) Spend the dosh and get a new DVD recorder that will have a built-in Freeview digital tuner. Most are HDMI of course but usually still have a SCART socket for older technology. One SCART lead into the telly, aerial into DVD and loopthrough into TV - job done. Not cheap though and increasingly hard to come by. Plenty of used on Ebay but a minefield with regards to getting a good one. New seem to be between £200-300, available from the likes of Currys/Tesco/Argos etc.

    3) Everyone tends to store their stuff digitally these days - which of course you could do too. Hard drive or USB. You could get a cheap digibox that allows recording to USB stick or drive - then transfer the files to your computer and burn them to DVD (if you have a DVD writer drive) for storage and viewing. Again, this is a more in-depth and longer-winded approach to what you wish to do which is why option 2 is more appealing.

    All food for thought, eh? Heck, whilst you're at it why not keep an eye on Gumtree and pick up a nice new (albeit secondhand) digital TV for yourself. It'll no doubt have an HDMI socket and SCART too. Some even have USB ports so you can record or connect up hard drives etc. Go on, treat yourself!

    Best regards, Phsy.

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    Thanks very much phsy for your input and time explaining much appreciated.

    I thought I be able to get my current one to work through my tv to dvd recorder so that's why unsure whether anything going display through dvd recorder. Or wether the scart splitter I got is working?

    Defintely plenty things to consider, I have a freeview box I can record to but not keep. Have delete it and think it's same setup with my tv as have hard drive for it.

    I think option 1 will be the way to go. As when bought my LG dvd recorder with hard drive was £150 now over £50 more. Bit pricey.

    WIll see can get freeview box and link it up.

    Thanks again :-) glad someone knows what talking about and explained it well

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    This should do the trick shouldn't it :-)…742

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    This the cheapest, will a one scart one not work I guess not as i have built in freeview on tv and have tried with one scart from tv. Hopefully can record buying this.…822?hash=item3d27bb6216:g:e-oAAOSwmLlX9Sja

    phsy if your about for heads up. Thanks again for your input.
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