Recording xbox 360 gameplay

Anyone ever done this? If so what setup did you use?

I'm thinking it might be a laugh to record me and a few mates on MW2 and thought I would look in to it.

Any tips/links/guides etc would be appreciated I have googled it and come up with a lot of conflicting answers such as if you can play in HD and record in SD at the same time!


I have recorded from the 360 onto DVD while playing the game in HD

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I have recorded from the 360 onto DVD while playing the game in HD

How'd you manage that?

it was a long time ago, but sure i had it setup like the following

360 (HMDI) -> DVD (HDMI) -> TV (HDMI)

but might have been
360 (HDMI) -> TV -> DVD (HDMI or scart)

My DVD Hard Drive box has HDMI, it was a couple of years ago nearly, sorry for not being much help

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I've been looking at the Hauppage HD-PVR but dont know if I can justify £170

dazzle platinum should do the job

is it possible to do with a dvd recorder? my current setup is

360 (component) > TV
dvd recorder > TV

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With things like the Dazzle platinum or the easycap dc60+ etc would I be able to play in HD on the TV and record in SD? Might just have to bite the bullet and give this a test!

A medium priced solution is a Blitzbox:…tml

They also have a wireless one (the one on the left) which would be excellent if your PC isn't that close to the TV (like ours is... sorts wish we'd bought it now to be honest, costing a blue arsed fortune trying to get my brother set up ffs)

Seem pretty good. We don't have one ourselves (Have a Hauppauge HD PVR but no HD TV yet :P)

Easycap does the same for £8 I have's great!

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Easycap does the same for £8 I have's great!

Used it for recording 360? Got any example clips? Can you output to that with composite and have component hooked up to TV at the same time?

That blitzbox looks interesting, might move on to something like that if I get hooked on recording myself :P
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