recover deleted files from recycle bin???

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Found 22nd Jun 2008
sooo i know that it is possible to recover data if you have accidently deleted a file then emptied the bin

my question is can u recover files 1,2 maybe even 3 years back? my friend asked me that today and i said no chance its far too long ago

anyone share some of thier wisdom with me?

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The more use that the computer has had in those 3 years the smaller the chance of recovery will be; the smaller the HD is the lower the chance of recovery will be.

You get the idea, it's probably going to be a fruitless effort.

It is possible to recover files that far back as long as there hasn't been a low level format performed on the disk.

pretty low chance i'm afraid and only possible if no new data was written over the relevant sectors

get RecoverMyFiles program if ya want to find deleted files, its good, but you probs won't habe much luck with anything deleted over a few months ago

Original Poster

just as i suspected short term maybe but 3 years! whoof thanks people

When you delete a file off a PC, it just gets allocated to a folder called Trash.

When you completely "delete" a file off the PC - Shift+delete, or empty the trash box, the file doesn't actually get wiped off. All that happens is that the first character of the flename gets changed to a "?"

The operating system then knows that file isn't wanted any more and that the space it occupied is free and could therefore be written to any time.

If another file needs to be written to the disk, it gets put in any convenient space or spaces which are not marked as used.

Any part of the "deleted" file, or all of it, could be overwritten.

Or none at all.

Like the earlier respondents say: if the PC has been used even a few times, the chances are pretty slim that the space the old file used has not been written to be something else.

Think of all that disk thrashing Windows does every time it starts up!

Back in the good old days of DOS, I recovered the odd file or two with the "undelete" command. This gave you back th efile but you had to remember (or guess) the character the "?" had replaced. I guess the undelete programs mentioned automate this process and can handle the long length windows file names as well as the old DOS 8+3 character formats.
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