recover hard drive data

    bit of a situation got a hard drive which is inaccessible need to recover data off of it what software out there is any good from your experiences ?


    If the platters arn't spinning in the drive ,I doubt you'll ever get anything from it . Otherwise just link it to another PC or laptop . I've used lots of software in the past , Badcopy was good for getting stuff from CD's , but Recuva [I think it's called that ] is a freeby . GetDataBack was a good one too.

    As Ricko says if there is no life at all from the drive you are unlikely to get anything from it.

    However there is still a chance if you can buy an identical hard drive then you can swap the controller board from the new one to the old one and see if that will make the drive spin again.

    If the drive is spinning up then your in luck.

    Recuva from piriform is a great recovery tool as is PC Inspector File Recovery…e=1

    Both are free

    File scavenger

    Not a freebie but worked for me when nothing else would.

    If it's not spinning, drop it onto a carpetted floor from 2-3 inches or give it the coffee bean shake. It can free up the heads and bring it back to life (but not necessarily permanently)

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    its there in windows but inaccessible so it must be working, just need a good recovery program!

    I've got Recover My Files software you can use.
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