Recovering an Outlook Express Password

    Hey all, I need some help, does anyone know how to get behind the blank password dots?? - Its for someone and I dont know how to do it. I can see the softwares available, but im sure there is a way without paying £20 etc!

    Thanks for any advice.


    you can try google "freeware outlook password recovery"

    here is some of them:…tml

    or perhaps t*rr*nt is your friend :-D:thumbsup:

    be aware that most "recovery" tools do little more than run through a dictionary of possible words, then there are those that can do a brute force attack which depending on the number of characters, can in theory take years!

    djnaff;2575965 unhides passwords in xp

    Is that site safe mate? My AV wont even let me go to your link! Says its unsafe!

    I have some software om my pc, PC Wizard and it shows my passwords in there for Outlook
    Now, before you get too excited when i built the pc, i install Outlook but when i loaded my .pst file, for some reason, it copied each folder, twice so i won't use it
    I use Outlook express now and this PC Wizard does show the Outlook passwords but NOT for OE.
    Worth a shot
    Once installed
    Go to the header on the left "configuration"
    Click on the keys icon, passwords and that will show what passwords you have on your pc
    Nice little admin tool
    Off to bed now, sorry, hope this helps you out and other's

    If you are still in need of help, I have a stand alone program (does not install anything) that uncovers any password as soon as you highlight the it. You can get it free here…exe (direct download). When the program starts look for Eureka under tools. All you do then is go to the password of Outlook and it will be revealed in Eureka's panel.

    You could just try emailing tech support of the isp see if they can send/reset it,,

    Did this ever get resolved then?
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