Recovering pictures from memory card.

    Son's memory card threw a wobbly and all his coursework pics disappeared. Not visible on any PC or in camera. Tried a few programmes I already had for recovering data, but no joy. Searched the net and found a freebie called PhotoRec 6.11 from www' which found and restored over a thousand pictures, basically every picture he had taken and deleted since he started using the card. Just a heads-up in case anyone else has a similar problem.


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    I will try them thanks

    Absolutely brilliant. We had lost all the photos from one SD card taken on holiday in the caribbean. I've managed to recover them all (over 100) using this program without much difficulty at all. Can't believe it - we thought they were lost forever.
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    Absolutley brilliant advice. Thank you very much, I am sure loads of people here will find this helpful in the future. Have some rep :thumbsup:

    Good Spot :thumbsup:
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