REcovery data from HDD

    i have just sold my laptop, minus the hard drive. is there a way i can set up the hdd so i can fit in into a new laptop, install an os and still have access to the data i have on it? i have only used about 30GB of a 320gb hdd, so was thinking of splitting it in 2, setting up half to move my data on to then i can reformat the left over partition when installing an os for next laptop.
    Does that make sense? will it work? i have no pc to hook hdd up to to remove data to put on new laptop so that is not an option.


    You should have really done that before selling eg set up 2 partitions and always stored the data eg files you wanted to keep on non booting partition. Then formatting OS part of drive means you would never lose the data you want to keep (unless you get an hd failure)

    Stick it in a usb enclosure , run gparted on it then copy (what used to be OS) to the 2nd partition eg the non booting side.

    What data on it do you want back though as maybe just simply copy what you need eg photos, mp3,s avi etc. You won't be able to use the OS feature (well you could but you might it takes ages as it updates DMI, drivers etc) you might find you used a different HAL etc and it locks up laptop tryign to boot from this install of whatevr OS you had on previous laptop)

    So if it just word docs text music photos etc then stick in usb enclosure and just copy off the data you want to a DVD, usb pen, another internal hard drive.

    then you could reformat and partition the 320gb to use in your new laptop to then install new OS
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